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Robert Bourne 
Gentle Touch Founder 
February 14th 2015 
Robert Bourne Reiki Master Teacher founder of Gentle Touch
Welcome to the  
New Awakening Process 
A Spiritual Process for awakening to Love and Awareness 
Gentle Touch is a new spiritual practice that is about awakening the inner Presence of Divine Love within your life. Divine Love belongs to the world which is why I have given you a Free book about this in my introductory pack. 
All my previously created home study multimedia courses in the 'New Awakening Process' now provide a supporting foundation to this Gentle Touch Practice. Gentle Touch is the final stage in the process to awakening. 
"After my own direct awakening experience in 1995 I was left with the life purpose to create support material to help you also discover; unshakable happiness, inner love, divine knowingness and freedom from personal suffering. In 2015 Gentle Touch mystically emerged through me to help take mankind's evolution a stage further."  
Because you are an individual I will support you personally on a one-to-one basis in your spiritual evolution and divine love awakening process.  
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The Divine Message About You by Robert Bourne FREE BOOK
Gentle Touch 
The Love Awakening Process 
'Gentle Touch' for inner love 
'Pure Awareness' for stillness of mind 
Welcome to the Awakening Process for Universal Love. This is the most exciting new practice I know. It is called 'Gentle Touch' and 'Gentle Mind'. Through this practice you will automatically experience; how to Heal, how to Create Abundance, fulfil your Life Purpose, experience relationships centred in Love and most importantly Awaken to who you really are as a unique human being. 
Gentle Touch Awakening to Oneness Love Universal Unconditional Love
Reiki Healing 
New Awakening Reiki Healing 
Much more than the western style Reiki 
Teaching the Secrets of the Eastern Mystical Masters 
Welcome to 'New Awakening Reiki Healing'. I have created professional accredited multimedia learning material for Reiki Healing. The Reiki Second Degree mystical attunement is to the three spiritual bodies. I provide professional practice certification. Personalised certificates are provided for Reiki Master Teachers to be able to use in their own Reiki Master Practice. 
New Awakening Reiki Healing
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Gentle touch Awakening to Universal Unconditional Oneness Love