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The Missing Link ~ The Direct Route 
In the book Robert shares his enlightened experience to the realm of Ascendant Masters where it was revealed that he was a Guru with an ashram in a past life. He was shown the workings of life within an infinite source of Unconditional Love. In this incarnation his role has been to create a modern spiritual foundation to help people prepare their soul to be able to contain the direct power of the full awakening experience.  
After direct contact with the Golden Light he was guided to share the ultimate untaught Master’s teaching for mankind’s awakening. The Ascendant Masters also revealed there is now only one moral code to live your life by. All other precepts or set of rules can then be discarded. This code is only for spiritual seekers and ends all austerities! 
This is more than just a book as it is a transformational device that will bring Contentment, Love, Bliss and Pure Awareness to those who have awakened beyond the conditioned personality. It is the golden key that unlocks the hidden treasure behind the veil of illusion. It will guide those who have already spontaneously awakened to make the final connection with their inner True-God-Self. 
All denominations will find this book helpful as it brings clarity in a direct way supporting their teaching of God as it comes from the Source of where all teachings spring from. 
The Masters Path ~ Awakened 
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Help from the Ascendant Masters 
What I have to share is very good news. When you use the teachings in the book it will attract the attention of the many enlightened masters who are waiting to help you make this transition ~ Created April 9th 2024 
In the Light of Pure Awareness we are one 
The Light shines forth into this world 
And the whole of existence 
bathes in a sea of eternal Love 
The knowledge in the book brings instant liberation 
Available worldwide on Amazon 
The hardcover will withstand wear and tear longer than a Paperback as it offers superior strength and durability in that the binding will secure and protect the Ascendant Masters teachings for years to come. 
The Masters Path Hardcover 
UK Pounds £13.84 
The Masters Path Paperback 
UK Pounds £11.90 
The Masters Path Hardbook buy form Amazon
The Masters Path Hardcover 
EU Euros €16.14 
The Masters Path Paperback 
EU Euros €13.88 
The Masters Path Hardcover 
US Dollars $17.38 
The Masters Path Paperback 
US Dollars $14.95 
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Personal Support 
After buying the book if you want additional support I can also help speed up the process by providing pure light transfers. The online session will include answers to any seeking questions you have with a personal review to help your evolution. 
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Awakening Support with a Direct Light Spiritual Transfer 
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One Hour Online Support 
UK Pounds £50 
One Hour Online Support 
EU Euros €60 
One Hour Online Support 
US Dollars $69 
I am here to help you discover how incredible you are! 
Your own Self-realisation is the greatest service you can render the world 
The Awakening Process
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