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Robert Bourne 
New Awakening Process 
Robert Bourne introduces Gentle Touch
New Awakening Process Support 
Book a Skype support session 
Working through the New Awakening Process can raise questions where you would like some one-to-one support.  
Booking the hour Skype support session then becomes an ideal solution. With this option I can help you with any aspect of your spiritual evolution or about any module within the Process. I also offer Reiki Attunements for those who are working though the New Awakening Reiki Healing option. 
This one-to-one opportunity will provide you with the best solution to accelerate your awakening process. These sessions can sometimes bring about your True-self awakening itself. 
Preparing for a Skype Support Session 
All you have to do is relax and be yourself. As I am now living in an awakened state of consciousness the Divine will therefore be at the centre of all things. The Divine will guide me in the moment with a knowingness arising regarding the best way to help you achieve your purpose from our session together. 
If you've never used Skype before or it's been a while, I strongly advise downloading the latest version and spending some time getting familiar with it beforehand to avoid delays at the start of your session and/or technical difficulties during the call. 
It is important to mention that you will need to make a space of silence, where you will not interrupted for our time together. This means switching off your phone etc and making sure others leave you in peace whilst you enjoy the experience of inner connection. It is advisable to also allow an additional half an hour after the session to remain in silence to allow any changes made a time to integrate within you. 
After you have booked your session I will contact you to arrange an agreeable time and date taking into account our different time zones, if you are outside the UK. 
1 hour Skype Support Session 
UK pounds £40 
Euros €45 
US dollars $50 
Refund/Cancellation Policy 
Your session time is reserved just for you. If you miss your appointment for any reason, a refund will not be issued. The only exceptions are a medical emergency requiring urgent professional treatment, a death in the family, or a natural disaster.  
You can reschedule or cancel your upcoming session, provided you do so at least 2 days prior to your appointment. 
Feedback Reviews 
"Dear Robert I appreciate the guidance you gave me yesterday; it really helped to give me the direction to go in, what to put energy into and what to leave aside, Namaste." Richard UK 
"There is no 'I' anymore. Self-enquiry was painful for the 'I' but well worth it. The experience was beyond expectations for especially the reason of overcoming the 'I'. What worked everything out was the Divine and not Robert or me but most important Robert is a host who is aware of this fact and that allows the Divine energies to flow freely." Robin Germany 
"After experiencing the Reiki Master Skype Attunement. "That felt *remarkable*, thank you! I am already a Level III Usui Reiki teacher and healer, light warrior, and all around good girl". Sandra USA 
"I can't believe it! My mind feels like an empty space - there is no thinking there this is really great to feel so much freedom". Max UK 
"I deeply appreciate your connection and wisdom earlier, Robert. Thank you. I thought it was an excellent session. The connection was powerful: Golden light flashed on an off - quite dazzling, even with my eyes closed, as if the sun was shining through the window then hiding behind a cloud for a few seconds before repeating the process. I had to open my eyes to check what was going on! My witness now feels much larger, more prominent and more accessible". Ian Waddelow France 
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