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New Awakening Friendship Community 
Supporting Each Other 
Question: How will you support me and can I ask you questions? 
Answer: Your life situation is always perfect, although it may be painful. I cannot change you, no-one can, only you can do that. Your life is unique therefore only your inner True-self knows the answer to your questions. My support is to help you awaken so you can experience freedom from your limitations and suffering, this is why I created this spiritual toolkit. 
If you follow my guidance and do the work in the Process it will answer all of your questions, this will be your solution. Like so many who already testify when you take part you will also have many wonderful transformational experiences. 
Your own Self-realisation is the greatest service you can render the world 
Anyone can start a Support Group or Spiritual Community 
This is a new form of heartfelt support community whereby there are no leaders or organisation. It is the members who run the support groups themselves with no top-down control. 
If after downloading the Process you would like to run a support group it is simple, just use the material provided to you and get together with a few friends. The divine has created three main groups to hold for your unique spiritual transformation, see the book for details. 
Developing People across the World through awakening to Love 
The New Spiritual Awakening Process
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