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The Practice Creator 
Robert Bourne 
Robert Bourne creator of Gentle Touch
True-Self Awakening Practice 
Awakening Unconditional Love and Pure Awareness 
This is a new practice to awaken Universal Love and our Pure Awareness-self. These qualities are laying dormant inside of you right now! Through a direct experience of your Divine True-Self you will discover who you really are in your fullness.  
True-Self Awakening Practice is for you if you have any experience of spiritual practices, especially if you have a Reiki attunement, can channel healing, practice meditation or chant sacred mantras. Many are still wanting to discover enlightenment; to fully awaken to oneness with your True-self. 
Like so many who have practiced True-Self Awakening you will be amazed how simple this is. Your entrance requirement is humility and the willingness to surrender your mind, body and soul to your inner-divine.  
Living from the Presence of Divine Love  
will transform your life! 
There is a complete change of approach in The Masters Path practice than all my other courses. All other courses are for your Spiritual Evolution which prepare you for your Awakening. The Masters Path actually Awakens you! 
This is the final stage in the Awakening Process 
May you become a Blessing to Mankind 
About the evolution of The Awakening Process 
The Masters Path practice awakens Divine Love and Pure Awareness 
The True-Self Awakening Practice brings the mind to a place of stillness; resting in the contentment of the Divine Heart. When the mind becomes still an alignment with the two pure unchanging spiritual bodies of the Divine True-self are experienced; these two aspects are Pure Awareness and Divine Love Presence.  
Your life will then move from limitation and fear into love, peace and inner contentment. Through your Pure Awareness-self you will experience life with a clear and focused calm mind; knowingness will then arise naturally. 
This True-Self Awakening Practice is now available in The Masters Path Practice 
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Download the Masters Path True-self awakening Practice
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