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Reiki Healing 
Home study courses with  
Robert Bourne - Reiki Master Teacher 
New Awakening Reiki Healing contains much more than is normally taught in the West. It is an eternal, infinite, divinely loving core-being guided spiritual pathway to develop sensitivity, love and compassion. In addition it also teaches Universal Wisdom through learning the spiritual laws of life that govern our dualistic world. 
I provide a comprehensive training program to suit all individuals from any previously learnt Reiki system. Learning this process will prepare you for a beautiful True-self awakening to the oneness of existence; Living from Love.  
The Reiki Healing training contains Six Modules 
There are six professionally approved courses in the New Awakening Reiki Healing training download; the three Reiki degrees plus the Excellent You, Love and Relationships and the Gateway to Enlightenment. 
Click on the Reiki Degree image below for more details 
Reiki First Degree Training 
Reiki Healing First Degree Training with Robert Bourne
Reiki Second Degree Training 
Reiki Healing Second Degree Training with Robert Bourne
Reiki Master Teacher Training 
Reiki Master Teacher Training with Robert Bourne
All three Reiki training Degrees are included in this download plus the Seekers Guide 
New Awakening Reiki Healing is now a Free Gift 
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New Awakening Reiki Process 
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New Awakening Reiki Process 
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New Awakening Reiki Process 
US Dollars $15 
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New Era for Reiki with New Awakening Reiki Courses 
Margaret Nock 
Reiki Master Teacher USA 
Margaret Nock
"Hi everyone! I have a quick blog today regarding Reiki training. I recently had the pleasure to refresh my spirit and renew my commitment to teaching with The New Awakening Reiki Healing Home Course offered by Robert Bourne. His courses are comprehensive yet easy to learn, healing, affordable and perfect for novice and master alike. The books are well written and clear. The Mp3’s and Videos help to fortify the learning experience and allow you to use the course on your digital devices. 
Many of us have learned Reiki from an oral tradition here in the US, and it’s enlightening to understand the full history and train through The New Awakening Reiki Healing Course. If you’re drawn to learning more about Reiki (and if you’re reading today’s blog you probably are), it’s history, and it’s new direction in this exciting era of ascension, I highly encourage you go to Robert’s site and take a look at this beautiful opportunity to learn about Reiki, receive the attunements, or continue your professional education. Enjoy the beauty and grace that is your spirit. Reiki Blessings!" 
Attunements and Healing Tutorials 
New Awakening Reiki Healing on YouTube 
Home Study Distant Learning 
Reiki Degree Home Study Courses 
Click on images above for full details 
New Awakening Reiki offers much more for the three stages of training. You can enhance your existing training with my accredited courses.  
Personal Study: With this option you study on your own to deepen and expand upon any previous Reiki practice you may have. A CPD letter is provided for each of the six modules. 
The Seekers Guide 
You will receive three additional courses 
Supporting each Reiki Degree 
Professional Reiki Qualification
Professionally Approved Core Therapy Courses 
Each of the three Reiki courses have been approved and accredited by Embody and the Complimentary Therapist Association as core therapy qualifying courses.  
The Seekers Guide three courses have been accredited as personal development courses. Each of the six courses also qualify for continuous professional development (CPD). You will receive a CPD letter of training with each course. 
Health and Well Being 
In the Free Process download and in my Free Book I have included a report written in conjunction with Dr Bruce Lipton and modern scientists about Psycho-biology, DNA and karmic evolution, thoughts, beliefs and consciousness. 
The two scientifically proven elements which bring about positive outcomes to our DNA and lives are love and thought (beliefs). With this knowledge it makes sense to understand ‘Who and What we really are’ and to transcend our ancestral conditioning with the understanding that we are not this collective memory encoded within the DNA. 
Caution Guidelines 
Caution Guidelines for your safety, by law I am required to provide you this notice. Reiki healing does not take the place of conventional medicine even though many of my practitioners have found that it does. To protect your situation always consult your Doctor for an acute or infectious condition and any problem of urgent concern. Reiki healing is a complementary spiritual therapy that works effectively alongside orthodox and alternative solutions. 
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Supporting Your Personal Transformation 
Helpful information about spirituality, healing and chanting 
Spiritual and Reiki Courses information
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